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Featherweight boxer Claude Staten Jr. is on a mission to add his name to the list of boxing greats for achievement in and outside of the ring.


Born to very young parents in Brooklyn, NY, Claude was raised by his paternal grandmother.  Despite her best effort, she often suffered financially which resulted in homelessness for her and Claude.  Frustrated by his unstable circumstances, Claude dropped out of school at the age of 15 hoping to make their life easier.  The Brooklyn streets proved to be lucrative for him until he found himself in trouble with the law.  It was at that time when Claude decided to change his behavior before it was too late.


Through the suggestion of a friend, Claude was introduced to boxing.  He became fascinated with the sport dedicating all of his time to training, studying and learning every facet of the boxing world.  Boxing became his refuge, his hope and his “distraction from destruction”.  In 2013 Claude made his professional debut in his hometown at the Barclay Center.  He impressively defeated his first opponent and went on to win his next five fights by knockout rendering him undefeated in his career.  


After a temporary break from training, Claude moved to Los Angeles, California to further develop his career.  He was moved by the overwhelming homeless population and remembering his own past motivated him to take action.  He created his annual “Knock Out Hunger” where he provides food and clothing to the homeless.  Claude has a passion for at risk youth and for sharing his amazing story.  In 2017 he was recognized for his efforts when Project Angel Food named him their Brand Ambassador.  As a youth, Claude experienced severe life challenges and it is overcoming those challenges that makes him committed to making a positive impact in the world as well as living a life that is #DeeperThanBoxing.  


To his friends he is a caring charismatic but to his opponents he is a fierce competitor delivering deadly blows.  Whether you know him inside or outside the ring, Claude Staten Jr. is an unforgettable force destined for greatness.  Claude is currently training for several fights in 2018.


Written by ~ Vonnrese




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